The simplest and most intuitive solution for construction phasing...

Phase Manager in details

A phasing in a few clicks


Phasing represents the succession of different phases of construction. This diagram makes it possible to visualize the different objectives of the project, as well in terms of planning as of material and human needs.

Essential tool for coordination, the phasing makes it possible to fix the milestones of a project of public works, construction or development, and to follow it while communicating with its customers or its teams.

On the majority of the projects, phasing are made using drawing tools or spreadsheets, for which there is no connection with schedules. Although it is often preferred to schedules, create a phasing is time consumming, tedious and often expensive.

Phase Manager allows, simply and intuitively, phasing creation of dynamic works and directly related to the project schedules. What is usually tedious and time-consuming, can be done with Phase Manager in a simple and automated way.