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A question concerning Phase Manager?

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What are the hardware requirements for running Phase Manager?

The minimum hardware configuration is as follows:

  • Processor i5,
  • GB RAM (or more)
  • Graphical card 2Go
  • Resolution: at least 1920 x 1080
  • If you have an USB License: Transcend or Kingston branded keys only and, if possible, USB 3.0 for optimal usage.

What are the software prerequisites for running Phase Manager?

The minimum system configuration is as follows

  • Windows 7 Professional (64 bits)
  • OR Windows 8 Pro (64 bits)
  • OR Windows 10 Pro (64 bits)


JAVA Environment: JAVA 8 or more, 64 bits

How many hours of training are required to use the software?

2 hours of online training is offered with the software license to help you get started with Phase Manager. Online documentation and a tutorial will help you to discover all software features.

Do I have to pay every year for the software?

Phase Manager licenses are perpetual licenses (your license is for life). Annual maintenance fees are to be expected if you wish to benefit from software updates (version upgrades).

These fees start at 400 € / year for a single-user license from the second year.

Is Phase Manager suitable for a small business?

Phase Manager is for any company that needs to create phasing. From the contractor to the construction major, through the engineering offices, project owners, dealers …

As the tool is easy to use, it can be used by engineers, project assistants …

Phase Manager is used in many building and public works industries.

What differences between various licence types?

3 licence types  are offered with Phase Manager:

  • The single-user license, perfect for installation on a specific workstation. The license is associated with a computer.
  • The USB license, perfect for mobility, on site or elsewhere, no matter which computer you are going to work on, everything is on the USB key.
  • The shared license, very useful for small workgroups. With the shared license, one or more tokens are shared between several end users. In terms of stock management, it’s ideal! Everything is centralized by the entity in charge of IT. The prerequisite is to have a very good level of network services.

How much does assistance and technical support cost?

Support and telephone support is offered in the first year and is an integral part of the annual maintenance service we offer.

Maintenance allows you to benefit from software updates and assistance.

The annual cost of maintenance starts at 400 € (from the second year) and varies depending on license types.

Is documentation issued with the software?

This online help is updated very regularly.