The simplest and most intuitive solution for construction phasing...


How to work with Phase Manager

Creating a phasing with Phase Manager is simple, intuitive and effective. Indeed, Phase Manager restores the traditional way of creating phasing diaries in only 3 steps:

Stage 1

Importyour drawings
Createyour zones

  • 1 or more drawings
  • GIS,schematic
  • Cross section view, plan view
  • DXF, SVG, or PDF files
  • Draw your construction areas
  • linear or not

Etape 2

Plan your works
Import your plannings

  • Use a friendly Gantt Chart
  • Create links between tasks
  • Use workrates
  • & quantities
  • Or import your schedules
  • by using Excel

Etape 3

Adjust your phasing
Show your deliverables

  • Adjust your tasks
  • Add pictures
  • (machines, signs, traffic…)
  • Add legends
  • Show specific periods
  • Zoom on specific areas

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